Pastor Rob and Minister V. Aitken


At Agape Christian Center Jesus calls us Friends! We’re a church Filled with Resources of Hope. A church Filled with Unconditional Love, yet built with Courage and Strength. A church Filled with the Holy Spirit and Supernatural Faith, so that we can lead and point All in the Right direction; which is toward God. We’re here to Honor God together in Fellowship, in Prayer, and in Praise & Worship with: Excellence, Order and Professionalism. Come connect with us @Agape.

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Join Us Sunday @ 11:00
7675 Granger Road Valley View, OH 44125.

M. O. P.

Men of Purpose -Agape Christian Center Pastor Robert Aitken
Pastor Rob Aitken

Men of Purpose

Agape’s Men of Purpose is a community of all men coming together with resources, tools, and wisdom which is needed in life to keep us rooted and grounded as Kingdom of Men. Be apart of Agape’s M.O.P!

S. O. W.

Seeds of Women

A ministry designed to elevate, empower, and encourage all women no matter the age; building her up from the roots; emerging with, boldness, courage, confidence, and strength. A Kingdom Woman filled with the Holy Spirit. Be part of the Agape Connection! 

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