Agape Word of Faith

2020 B.I.G. Bold In God

May Word of Faith Series:

  • May Part I: From the Cross to Pentecost
  • May Part II: From the Cross to Pentecost

“At The Right Time” if something is done, given, or revealed to early or to soon we may miss handle it, not be ready for it, or miss the true essence of it.

  • May Part III Raise Up and Rising to the Occasion

“Jesus Rising to the Occasion was also the Raise Up for us.”

June Word of Faith Series:

  • June Part I: After Pentecost

“Dunamis Power”

  • June Part II: Proof

“Having Proof is the Only Way to Deliver the Gospel”

  • June Part III Father’s Day “Figure of a Father’s Blueprint”
  • June Part IV After Pentecost

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